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August 19th, 2016 – DOCNow is a new telemedicine service that offers Hawaii residents the option to see a Hawaii based doctor online, 365 days a year from a computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

“With the recent outbreak of Hepatitis A we are making our convenient telemedicine services available for those residents who feel they would benefit from a vaccination or would like to speak about any concerns they might have with a Hawaii physician,” said Dr. Jim Barahal co-founder and CEO of DOCNow Virtual Healthcare Centers.

Residents can easily get a prescription from DOCNow and then select a pharmacy near them to receive their immunization.

“We have been administering a lot of shots over the past few weeks,” said Catalina Cross, Director of Pharmacy for Times Supermarket. “We are doing our best to work with physicians to obtain Hepatitis A prescriptions for their patients. We see a great opportunity for DOCNow to assist patients who do not have a Primary Physician.”

DOCNow accepts all local insurance including HMSA/Blue Cross, UHA, HMA, and HMAA. No insurance? No problem. DOCNow accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover – and a visit is just $49.

“To make it even more affordable for Hawaii residences during this time of need we’re also offering the first visit free of charge for those who might not have insurance,” said Dr. Barahal, “The most important thing is that if you’re worried, don’t wait, at DOCNow you can get the care you need now.”

For people who want to get a Hepatitis immunization prescription DOCNow is open daily from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

To receive your first visit free use Promo Code: DocNowFirst 
Start Your Telemedicine Visit Now: Services Code: DOCNOW

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About DOCNow

DOCNow was founded in early 2016 by Dr. Jim Barahal and Dr. Norman Estin to give Hawai‘i residents convenient access to the best medical care at their Virtual Healthcare Clinics as well as from the comfort the patient’s home statewide. An American Telemedicine Association startup member, DOCNow is Hawaii’s leader in telemedicine for residents and visitors. For more information and a complete list of all DOCNow locations, visit their website at doctorsoncallnow.com.

About Times Pharmacy

Times Pharmacy first opened in 1984 in the Liliha Times Supermarket location. Today, Times Pharmacy operates 13 full service pharmacies located within Times Supermarket stores on Oahu and Maui. Times Pharmacy provides patient-centered care services including 24/7 phone and on-line refills, home and mail delivery service, on-site immunizations, and Diabetes education. Times Pharmacy is a sponsor of many community events including health fairs, drug take-back events, and the Diabetes Kids Day Camp. For information on Times Pharmacy locations and services, visit their website at http://timespharmacy.com/