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5 Tips for Finding The Best Urgent Care While On Vacation In Hawaii

5 Tips for Finding The Best Urgent Care While On Vacation In Hawaii

The last thing anyone wants to do while on vacation in Hawaii is get sick or injured, but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Planning ahead can not only help you get the care you need, it can help you save your vacation. Here are 5 tips to help you find the best urgent care on the islands.

  1. Know What Type Of Care You Need

The faster you can identify the type of care you need the better. For people with chronic conditions or recurring medical needs such as a urinary tract infection diagnosis and treatment it’s easy to find at the closest medical facility. For people experiencing an ailment for the first time  it can be more challenging to determine whether an urgent care center or hospital is the best place to seek treatment. In most instances your closest urgent care center can help you get fast, affordable care including filling a prescription, treating common ailments, rashes, allergic reactions, minor sprains, or other minor non-life threatening problems. 

  1. Make It Convenient

To minimize time spent sitting in a waiting room and get back to your Hawaii vacation as soon as possible, choose a location that is close to your hotel, condo, or rental property. Do a quick search online for “nearest urgent care”.

  1. Ask The Hotel Or Concierge

 Your hotel or timeshare concierge are a great place to start your urgent care search. They deal with hundreds of visitors and all sorts of medical conditions on a daily bases and have relationships with the closest urgent care centers. As soon as you determine you need care, make your concierge the first stop on your journey to feeling better.

  1. Do Some Research

Once you have a few urgent care locations in mind, go online and read about experiences other visitors have had. Check sites like Yelp, Google Places, Facebook and the urgent care centers’ websites for customer testimonials and star ratings. Picking a location that has good reviews and clinic pictures will help you reduce anxiety, make a more informed healthcare decision, and result in a better overall urgent care experience.

  1. Consider Telemedicine

For those visitors who are staying in remote locations, or have a problem that can be easily diagnosed over the Internet, like a jellyfish sting, consider telemedicine. The ability to see a doctor from the convenience of your mobile device, tablet, or laptop can help you save a great deal of time. Typically, when you walk into a clinic you have to wait in line, but with a telemedicine visit you can either schedule an appointment with the doctor when it’s convenient for you or enter a virtual waiting room. After the online visit the physician can quickly call in your prescription to the nearest Hawaii pharmacy so you can go back to enjoying your vacation.



3 Tips For Picking The Right Hawaii Urgent Care Center

3 Tips For Picking The Right Hawaii Urgent Care Center

When traveling in Hawaii, it’s very common to find yourself with an unforeseen injury such as a jellyfish sting, coral scrap, sunburn or even the common cold. Picking the right urgent care center can not only help you get the care you need, it can help you save your vacation. Here are 3 tips on picking the right Hawaii urgent care center.

  1. Finding The Right Match

Finding the right place for your medical needs is much like finding the right primary care doctor. Feeling comfortable with your physician is a critical step in choosing the right Hawaii Urgent Care Center. Before you walk in the door, call and ask if you can speak to an available physician. Ask him or her questions about how they handle medical conditions, i.e. do they have a more traditional approach, or do they prefer alternative treatment options? Once you feel comfortable with their style of care, you’ll feel more confident that you’re choosing the right medical provider.  Our doctors do not take phone calls please remove this statement 

  1. Accessibility

Hawaii has many remote areas that are popular vacation destinations but far from the commercial hubs where urgent care centers are located. In many instances finding a local Hawaii urgent care option that offers telemedicine visits is the best option for accessible medical care. Having the ability to see your physician from your computer, tablet, or mobile device can save you time and help you quickly decide whether you need to make a trip into an urgent care center or hospital.

  1. Affordability

While searching for the right urgent care center in Hawaii it’s important to ask about payment and coverage options. Many Hawaii care centers offer only local insurance coverage which can result in a higher out –of-pocket cost for visitors. Calling and asking about coverage before you show up can save you time and money. No insurance? Don’t worry, most urgent care centers offer a rate for people without insurance — but you’ll want to know up front what those costs are so you can make the most informed healthcare decision.  Please remove the statement about calling we cannot answer coverage questions over the phone.  You can state what insurances we accept here however we do not know the details regarding copays, coinsurance, deductible and cost shares until they are registered and we run eligibility.